Turning The Tables

To some he’s a supporter and promoter of local talent, to others he’s the conduit for many musical collaborations, so while it’s been a long time between drinks for Australian singer-songwriter Jimi Lundy, he has in fact never been busier.

Back in the studio with a shortlist of new material Jimi is on the brink of something special. With a release scheduled for early 2019 it’s full steam ahead as Jimi works towards his finest musical offering yet.

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Studio Recording Update

2018 sees Jimi back in the studio recording cuts for his third release.  He has teamed up with Brendan Marolla and Lyndon Wesley to produce the EP which will be recorded at Bounce Recording Studios in Melbourne.


Pre-order and Get Cool Things

Why settle for just a bunch of great songs when you could pre-order today and watch the goodies start rolling in!  Check out Jimi’s SongFund page to peruse the merchandise and choose your gifts.  Cool!


The Deal With Vinyl

In this ever increasing digital world we spend more and more of our time interacting within a digital space.  The tactile nature of them really does enhance the listening experience.


So Far So Good

Cambodian born, Australian singer-songwriter, Jimi Lundy has been performing and writing music for over a decade working with some of Australia’s biggest names in the industry.

His debut album, ‘Steal My Heart’ was released independently back in 2004 and included original songs recorded at Captain Vibe Productions in Melbourne.

Since then Jimi has been busy. Very busy. Jimi started his own independent record label, Northtone Records in 2014 of which he as an artist calls home and has signed a number of local and international artists.

In 2017, Jimi co-founded music distribution and production company, Songbird Productions while single-handedly creating Prestige Academy, a much needed music school in the northern suburbs.

Jimi is currently working on a brand new EP, due for release in 2019.


You’ve read this far so now we’re gonna treat you with some interesting facts. Fact 1. Jimi fancies himself as a ‘bit of a collector’ and is endeavouring to own a guitar from each of the manufacturers on the face of the earth, past and present (and probably future) Fact 2. Jimi likes to relax beside a white grand piano, listening to the Beatles White album dressed in a full three-piece white suit. Fact 3. Jimi is not his real name. His real name is James.

Steal My Heart

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Listen to the Album

On his 2004 release Jimi favours simple sing-along melodies against a backdrop of classic pop rock songwriting.


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