The Sun Shines In The North

Jimi Lundy knows what it takes.  He will be the first to tell you, if it comes easy then you’re probably not trying hard enough.  He may be right.  But one thing is for sure, if you ever hear Jimi live it certainly sounds effortless.  So clearly something’s going on.  Maybe he has us all fooled or perhaps he is simply trying really, really hard.

Either way, if you get the chance to see Jimi solo or with his band do it.  Great songs from the northern streets of Melbourne.


The Deal With Vinyl

In this ever increasing digital world we spend more and more of our time interacting within a digital space.  Aside from the nostalgia and analogue warmth associated with listening to vinyl records, the tactile nature of them really does enhance the listening experience.


Pre-order and Get Cool Things

Why settle for just a bunch of great songs when you could pre-order today and watch the goodies start rolling in!  Check out Jimi’s SongFund page to peruse the merchandise and choose your gifts.  Cool!


Studio Recording Update

2018 sees Jimi back in the studio recording cuts for his third release.  He has teamed up with Brendan Marolla and Lyndon Wesley to produce the EP which will be recorded at Bounce Recording Studios in Melbourne.


You Know What It Means, Right?

It was a long time ago but Jimi remembers it like it was only yesterday.  Cambodia was a great place if you were a child.  Although what would I know?  I’m just typing all this placeholder text like an imbecile, making up stories about a real person, from a real place that I personally know nothing about.  I have a mate Dom who knows LOTS about Cambodia.  He’s been living there for some time.  Just as well.  One less Hawks supporter in Melbourne isn’t a bad thing, but losing a parkour buddy is.  So I remain torn.

I’m sure Jimi’s own biography and back story will be well worth the wait. They say the truth is stranger than fiction, so in fairness, to all those people Jimi’s story, if not better than this fictionalised version of the truth, will at the very least be stranger. So check back here soon for the real news.  Give me a week or so.  Jimi has a lot going on and I don’t want to pressure him for content at the moment.

Oh yeah, and there’s this bit too Jimi.  I think it looks cool and really draws the eye in.  Like there’s something special or important written here.  Something for the astute.  For those not so lazy that they skim over it or scroll down the page.  Something perhaps, for your true fans.
Hopefully you have something awesome to say down here Jimi.  I think your fans deserve it.  You do have fans right?  Please tell me someone’s going to read this?!

Listen the EP

Closer to the flame

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